Nefarious Neighbor Roles

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The Roles

The Nefarious Neighbor Expansion features 10 different Role cards, and each provides an additional secret win condition for the player who receives that Role card. For example, a player with The Griffin Lady card can win the game with only three Mythical Creatures on their Lawn, as long as they are all Griffins. The Hexlord role, on the other hand, wins if they have three Hexed Creatures on their Lawn.

NOTE: Any player (excluding the Nefarious Neighbor) can still win by collecting 5 Mythical Creatures on their Lawn. The Nefarious Neighbor's role and win condition are explained in detail below.

If you are unable to fulfill your role's win condition, flip your Role card face up at the end of your turn and declare victory while your opponents weep.

Role Win Condition
NN-Role-01-icon.png The Nefarious Neighbor The Nefarious Neighbor wins if they have 5 Corrupted Beasts on their Lawn OR if there are no cards remaining in the Main deck.
NN-Role-02-icon.png The Henchman The Nefarious Neighbor wins if the Nefarious Neighbor wins while The Henchman has no Creatures on their Lawn.
NN-Role-03-icon.png The Griffin Lady The Griffin Lady wins if they end their turn with 3 Mythical Griffins on their Lawn.
NN-Role-04-icon.png The Humane Sorcerer The Humane Sorcerer wins if they end their turn with no cards in hand and either A Stray Dog or Alley Cat on their Lawn.
NN-Role-06-icon.png The Hexlord The Hexlord wins if they end their turn with 3 Hexed Creatures on their Lawn while no other player has any Hexed Creatures.
NN-Role-09-icon.png The Control Freak The Control Freak wins if they end their turn with 3 Mythical Creatures wearing collars on their Lawn.
NN-Role-05-icon.png The Savior The Savior wins if they end their turn with 2 Sacrificial Creatures on their Lawn.
NN-Role-08-icon.png The Tidier The Tidier wins of they end their turn with no Runes on their Fence and no cards in their hand.
NN-Role-10-icon.png The Curator The Curator wins if they end their turn with 1 Mythical Dragon, 1 Mythical Pegasus, 1 Mythical Unicorn, and 1 Mythical Griffin on their Lawn.
NN-Role-07-icon.png The Exotic Pet Collector The Exotic Pet Collector wins if they end their turn with 3 Mythical Creatures on their Lawn that do not have "Unicorn", "Pegasus", "Griffin", or "Dragon" in their names.

The Nefarious Neighbor Role

Unlike the other roles, the player who is dealt the Nefarious Neighbor role must reveal their role at the start of the game. The Nefarious Neighbor gets special decks that only they can use, different Spinner outcomes, and horrifying Corrupted Beasts.


  • The Nefarious Neighbor only DRAWS from the Forbidden deck and only adds Forbidden Runes to their Fence from the Forbidden Rune deck. The Nefarious Neighbor never pulls cards from the Main deck or from the regular Rune deck.
  • Regulations and Event Spin results do not apply to The Nefarious Neighbor
  • If the Nefarious Neighbor STEALS a Mythical Creature from another player, that Creature no longer has an effect as long as it is on The Nefarious Neighbor's Lawn. That also means that if The Nefarious Neighbor STEALS a Mythical Creature that has an effect that is triggered upon entering a player's Lawn, that Creature's effect is not triggered.
  • If a Mythical Creature on The Nefarious Neighbor's Lawn would be either hexed of returned to their hand, DESTROY it instead. Note: Mythical Creatures (including Sacrificial Creatures) on the Nefarious Neighbor's Lawn can still be stolen by other players.
  • If a player would STEAL a Forbidden Rune, DESTROY it instead
  • The Nefarious Neighbor's Corrupted Beasts cannot be hexed, stolen, destroyed, or returned to their hand. Once they enter the Nefarious Neighbor's Lawn, they are there until the end of the game!


  • The Nefarious Neighbor successfully collects 5 Corrupted Beasts on their Lawn
  • The Main deck runs out of cards. If the Main deck runs out, the player who drew the final card has until the end of their turn to win the game. Otherwise, the Nefarious Neighbor wins.