R&R - Mythical Creature Card

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CREATURE CARDS: Your Creatures are adorable (or sometimes not so adorable) pets. You may SUMMON a Creature on your turn during your Summon phase. When you SUMMON a Creature, it goes on your Lawn. (Technically you can SUMMON a Creature onto a neighbor's Lawn, but you'll rarely want to do this.) Most Creatures have an effect. A Creature's effect can only be used when that Creature is on your Lawn and not when it is in your hand.

When you SUMMON a Creature, it is considered a Mythical Creature by default; however, certain effects can HEX your Mythical Creature and turn it into a powerless shrub, If this happens, your Creature loses its effect and you must place a shrub token on it to show it is hexed. A hexed Creature is no longer considered a Mythical Creature