Runes and Regulations - The Spinner

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If you SPIN the Spinner, there are six possible results:

NN Setup2.png

EVENT SPIN If your Spin result is Event, you must SPIN the Spinner a second time. An event Spin result applies to all players, not just the person spinning. There are six possible results:

1) BLOCK PARTY! Each player may DRAW a card from the Main deck.
2) HEDGE TRIMMING Each player must HEX a Mythical Creature on their Lawn, then DESTROY all Hexed Creatures on their Lawn.
3) ANIMAL CONTROL Each player must RETURN a Mythical Creature from their Lawn to their hand.
4) SUBURBAN REVITALIZATION Each player may RESTORE a Hexed Creature on their Lawn
5) HOA FEE COLLECTION EACH player must DISCARD a card.
6) PET ADOPTION DAY Each player may SUMMON a Creature from their hand onto their Lawn.