Runes and Regulations Deck - Card Previews

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The Following Are Card Previews Of The Original Game As It Was When It Was First Released From Kickstarter

Mythical Creature Cards

RR3.png RR-C-03.png RR-C-07.png RR-C-43.png RR-C-14.png RR-C-19.png RR-C-16.png RR-C-40.png RR-C-41.png RR-C-35.png RR-C-45.png RR-C-18.png RR-C-31.png RR-C-50.png RR-C-22.png RR-C-09.png RR-C-38.png RR-C-34.png RR-C-05.png RR-C-42.png RR-C-02.png RR-C-29.png RR-C-21.png RR-C-37.png RR-C-15.png RR-C-36.png RR-C-13.png RR-C-27.png RR-C-48.png RR-C-39.png RR-C-32.png RR-C-11.png RR-C-10.png RR-C-17.png RR-C-24.png RR-C-26.png RR-C-06.png RR-C-12.png RR-C-30.png RR-C-49.png RR-C-33.png RR-C-23.png RR-C-04.png RR-C-25.png RR-C-28.png RR-C-01.png RR-C-47.png RR-C-08.png RR-C-46.png RR-C-20.png RR-C-44.png

Regulation Cards

RR4.png RR-Reg-01.png RR-Reg-02.png RR-Reg-03.png RR-Reg-04.png RR-Reg-05.png RR-Reg-06.png RR-Reg-07.png RR-Reg-08.png RR-Reg-09.png RR-Reg-10.png RR-Reg-11.png RR-Reg-12.png RR-Reg-13.png RR-Reg-14.png RR-Reg-15.png RR-Reg-16.png RR-Reg-17.png

Rune Cards

RR5.png RR-Rune-10.png RR-Rune-02.png RR-Rune-05.png RR-Rune-06.png RR-Rune-15.png RR-Rune-07.png RR-Rune-09.png RR-Rune-13.png RR-Rune-14.png RR-Rune-12.png RR-Rune-04.png RR-Rune-03.png RR-Rune-11.png RR-Rune-01.png RR-Rune-08.png

Spell Cards

RR3.png RR-S-09.png RR-S-13.png RR-S-05.png RR-S-11.png RR-S-08.png RR-S-12.png RR-S-16.png RR-S-14.png RR-S-01.png RR-S-02.png RR-S-06.png RR-S-15.png RR-S-08.png RR-S-04.png RR-S-03.png RR-S-10.png

Reference Card (2 Sided)

RR1.png RR2.png