Scram - FAQ

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When can I move my Active Stack to my Cat Tree?

At any time during the Action part of your turn-- so either before or after you play a card or draw a new hand. Moving an Active Stack to your Cat Tree does not count as your Action during a turn.

When a player steals a Cat card that has an immediate effect, who gets to use that effect?

Since card effects are only active when a card is the top card in an Active Stack, the player who played the card would not get the benefit of the effect, since the card never made it to their Stack. The player stealing the card would get to use the effect immediately.

Can I steal a card during my turn?

No. You can only steal a Cat card when that Cat card is played. You cannot play Steal cards on cards that are already in another player’s Stack.

If I start my turn with 5 cards in my hand, do I draw after I play a card?

No. During your turn, you always draw a card before taking an action. If you start with 5 cards (or more) in your hand, you do not draw that turn.

Do Stray Cats invalidate the points I’ve gained in my Stack or make it Inactive?

No. A Stray Cat card simply slows down your progress. You can still bank the Active Stack with the Stray cat in it and the points will count. You can even keep playing on a Stray Cat card; you would simply have to start with a 1-Point Cat card.

When does the final round start?

When the last card is drawn from the deck. The Pet Shop does not have to be exhausted for the final round to begin. If cards are still in the Pet Shop, you may still draw those cards on your turn.