CS Game Terminology - Deck

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There are three decks that this game uses. Main Deck, Counterspell Deck, & Companion Deck

When you set up the Hex tile map, each deck has a home.

  • The Counterspell Deck is placed face down on the table next to the Dusty Desert Hex tile after it is shuffled.
  • The Main Deck is shuffled, then 1 card is flipped face up next to each Hex tile that surrounds the Ancient Rune Hex tile (with the exception of the Dusty Desert Hex tile). The remaining cards are placed face down within reach of all players, leaving space near the Main deck for a discard pile. This deck contains Attack Spells, Conversion Spells, and Resources.
  • The Companion Deck is shuffled, then placed face down on the table within reach of all players with the top 3 cards flipped face up next to the Map to form the Companion Portal . This is the area from which you will summon Companions.


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