CS Game Terminology - Stun

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The Ice Storm Expansion introduces 2 Status Effects: Freeze CS-Freeze.png and Stun CS-Stunn.png. Freeze stops you from traveling to another Hex tile, and Stun limits the number of Resource dice you can roll. You can only be affected by 1 Freeze token and 1 Stun token at a time. This expansion includes 10 double-sided Status tokens, with 1 side representing the Freeze Status Effect and the other side representing the Stun Status Effect.

CS-Stunn.png Stun Token

If you start your turn with a Stun token on your Player Board, you are Stunned and can only roll 4 Resource dice at the start of your turn instead of 5. If another player Stuns you during your turn, the player who Stunned you may choose and remove a Resource from your Resource Pool. If you started your turn Stunned, remove the Stun token from your Player Board at the end of your turn.

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