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Your Player Board is double-sided, with one side representing your Character’s Base Form and the other side representing your Character’s Shadow Form. On either side of your Player Board, you’ll find wheels that serve as your HP and Shadow Energy trackers.

Player Health and Elimination

Your HP Tracker shows your Health throughout the game. Each time you take DMG, rotate the HP Tracker wheel down by the amount of DMG you took to indicate your new HP. Similarly, if a card effect allows you to gain HP, rotate your HP Tracker wheel up by that amount to indicate your new HP. If at any point your HP reaches 0, you are immediately eliminated from the game; move all the cards in your Spell Book to the discard pile and cheer on the player you hate the least until they (hopefully) win the game. CS-ShadEnergyDial.png

CS-Playerboard1.png CS-Playerboard2.png CS-Playerboard3.png CS-Playerboard4.png CS-Playerboard5.png
CS-Playerboard6.png CS-Playerboard7.png CS-Playerboard8.png CS-Playerboard9.png

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