Casting Shadows - Kit Gale and Kit The Turbulent

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Deck: Base Deck
Type: Player Board - Front
Status: Status: (Available)
Deck: Base Deck
Type: Player Board - Back
Status: Status: (Available)

Board Texts

  • Kit Gale:
    Spend 3 Shadow Energy to transform into Shadow Form.
  • Kit The Turbulent:
    Spend 3 Spend Energy to deal 1 DMG to each enemy. This DMG cannot be reduced.

Card Releases

  • January 2023 - (2023 Kickstarter) Quantity of card: 1

Specific Card Rules and Information

  • Character Starting Hex: CSHex-AmberMountain-1.png Amber Mountain

Authenticity Notes

Accessories Related To This Character

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Localizations of this Board

CS-Base-Kit-Front de.pngCS-Base-Kit-Back de.png German
Kitsu und Kitsu, Die Stürmische

Kitsu: Gib 3 Schattenenergie aus, um in deine Schattenform zu wechseln.

Kitsu, Die Stürmische: Gib 3 Schattenenergie aus, um jedem anderen Charakter 1 Schaden zuzufügen. Dieser Schaden kann nicht gesenkt werden.