CS Game Terminology - Shadow Form

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Your Shadow Tracker shows your Shadow Energy throughout the game. Each time you reach Phase 3 of your turn with 1 or more Shadow Fragments still in your Resource Pool, you may absorb the Shadow Energy from these Shadow Fragments by rotating your Shadow Tracker wheel up by that number. Your Base Form has a limit of CS-S3.png Shadow Energy, and your Shadow Form has a limit of CS-S5.png Shadow Energy. When you reach your limit, you are fully charged with Shadow Energy and can no longer absorb additional Shadow Energy until you spend the Shadow Energy you’ve already accumulated.
If your Character is in Base Form, you may spend 3 Shadow Energy to transform your Character into Shadow Form by flipping over your Player Board. After transforming, your Shadow Tracker should be set to 0, and your HP should be the same as it was in Base Form.


When you transform into your Shadow Form, immediately summon a face-up Companion from the Companion Portal. You’ll only get 1 Companion for the rest of the game, so choose wisely!


Shadow Form also grants you access to your Character’s unique Ability, which you can use by spending Shadow Energy. You may use your Character’s Ability during Phase 2 of your turn, and doing so does not cost an Action point. After using your Character’s Ability, rotate your Shadow Tracker down by the amount of Shadow Energy spent. You may use your Character’s Ability multiple times in a single game, but you must fully charge your Shadow Energy before each use.


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