CS Game Terminology - Action

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The Action Phase is Phase 2 of a Player's turn

During this phase, you get 4 Action points to spend, and you can use them to perform any of the Actions below in any order. Each Action costs 1 Action point. You can perform the same Action more than once on your turn if you still have Action points to spend. You do not have to spend all 4 Action points each turn, but unused Action points do not roll over to subsequent turns. Your Actions include:

  • TRAVEL: Move your Character from your current Hex tile (the Hex tile where your Meeple currently stands) to any adjacent Hex tile.
  • CAST: Spend Resources to use a Spell card effect from your Spell Book. You can use each Spell card effect only once per turn.
  • REROLL: Choose any number of rolled Resource dice and roll them again. You cannot Reroll Cursed Crystals.
  • PROTECT: Remove 1 Cursed Crystal from your Resource Pool. Warning: Any Cursed Crystals remaining in front of you will hurt you at the end of your turn.
  • REFRESH: Move the card next to your current Hex tile to the discard pile and replace it with the top card from the Main deck. You cannot Refresh a card from an Ancient Rune Hex tile or a Dusty Desert Hex tile.
  • COLLECT: Move a Spell, Counterspell, or Resource card from next to your current Hex tile to your Spell Book by spending the required Resources shown in the card’s Collection Cost. After you Collect a Spell or Resource card, immediately replace it with the top card from the Main deck. If you Collect a Counterspell card from the Counterspell deck, you do not need to replace it with a card from the Main deck.

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