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Throughout the game, you will use Resources to Collect and Cast Spells. The good news is Resources are plentiful, and with some searching (and a little luck), you can find everything you need. At the start of your turn, take the 5 Resource dice and roll them to determine the Resources in your Resource Pool.
The faces of each die display the 4 different Resources in the game:

CS-PurpGem.png CS-PurpOrb.png CS-Shadow.png CS-Cursed.png

Standard Gems and Orbs come in 2 colors: Red and Blue. You’ll find 2 Resource dice that allow you to roll Red Gems and Orbs and 2 Resource dice that allow you to roll Blue Gems and Orbs. Your last Resource die is a special die that allows you to roll Purple Gems and Orbs. If you roll a Purple Gem or Orb, you may use that Resource as Red OR Blue.

Red Gem
Blue Gem
Purple Gem
Shadow Fragment
Red Orb
Blue Orb
Purple Orb
Cursed Crystal

CS-CardSample1.png Note: If a spell card's Collection Cost shows a gray Gem or Orb, you may spend any color of the corresponding Resource to meet that Resource requirement.

CS-Shadow.png Shadow Fragments allow you to Collect and Cast powerful Spells. You can also hang on to them until the end of your turn and absorb their Shadow Energy. For each Shadow Fragment you absorb during your turn, gain 1 Shadow Energy on your Shadow Tracker.
CS-Cursed.png Cursed Crystals look a lot like Gems, but they are actually dangerous Resources that are difficult to harness. For each Cursed Crystal in your Resource Pool at the end of your turn, take 1 DMG. You can use a Protect Action to remove 1 Cursed Crystal from your Resource Pool without taking DMG. Note: you cannot Reroll Cursed Crystals.

If you start your turn on a Hex tile that grants you a Resource at the start of your turn, you may add the corresponding Resource token to your Resource Pool. Gem tokens and Orb tokens are double-sided. Be sure to check the color of the Resource token when you add it to your Resource Pool.
When you spend a Resource, remove that Resource from your Resource Pool. You will need specific combinations of Resources during your turn to Collect and Cast Spells, so manage your Resources wisely!

Frequently asked question regarding resources

Q: Any info from the creator regarding the "scarcity of resource tokens" issue that backers have been commenting on?

A: This shouldn't be an issue, the most common note that people are mentioning are 2 things...
1) people are using the tokens as their main resources (roll then take whats on the dice in tokens) these tokens were meant for using to represent SPELLS that have been used to supplement the resource pool
2) People holding onto the resources after their turn ends. This is not how resources are used. Once your turn ends, your resource pool empties completely and all tiles/dice are returned to their respective locations.

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