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Attack Spell card effects allow you to deal DMG by spending specific Resources.

  • Enemy-targeting effects allow you to target "an enemy in range." You may only target a single enemy with these effects, no matter how many enemies are in range.
  • Hex-targeting effects allow you to target all enemies on "a Hex tile in range."

These effects deal DMG to every enemy on that Hex tile.

Some Attack Spell card effects let you spend a scaling number of Resources to deal an increasing amount of DMG. For example, if an Attack Spell card states, "Spend up to 3 Red Gems to deal 3/5/6 DMG to an enemy in range," you may spend up to 3 Red Gems to deal up to 6 DMG.
Attack Spell cards also feature a range indicator, which represents an effect's range relative to your Character's location. The Hex symbol with the pawn icon represents your Meeple's position. The highlighted Hex tiles represent the card effect's range.

CS-Attkicon.png Attack Spell

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