Casting Shadows - Lucky Skipper and Lucky The Unstable

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Deck: None
Type: Player Board - Front
Status: (2022 Kickstarter)
Deck: None
Type: Player Board - Back
Status: (2022 Kickstarter)

Board Texts

  • Lucky Skipper:
    Spend 3 Shadow Energy to transform into Shadow Form.
  • Lucky The Unstable:
    Spend 2 Shadow Energy to move your Character from your current Hex tile to any Hex tile on the map OR Spend 4 Shadow Energy to add the top card from the Main deck to your Spell Book.

Card Releases

  • January 2023 - Return Backer Gift (2023 Kickstarter) Quantity of card: 1

Specific Card Rules and Information

  • Character Starting Hex: No Assigned Home Hex Tile, Choose An Unused Tile

Authenticity Notes

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