Here To Slay - Mirroryu

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Image: Dragon Expansion
Type: Hero Card
Class: Sorcerer
Edition: 2023 Kickstarter Edition

Main Information

  • Dragon Expansion / Dragon Expansion - Second Edition / Dragon Expansion Print n Play Edition:

HtS-7plus.png Roll to use the effect of any Hero card in your Party immediately. +3 to that roll.

Card Releases

  • February 2020 - KSE Print n Play Edition Quantity of card: 1
  • August 2020 - Dragon Expansion Quantity of card: 1
  • February 2024 - Dragon Expansion KS 2023 - Quantity of card: 1

Specific Card Rules and Information

  • Rulesheet - "Each Hero cards effect has a roll requirement. In order to use a Hero cards effect, you must roll two dice and score equal to or higher than that effects roll requirement.", Mirroryu has a roll requirement of HtS-7plus.png this must be successful to trigger the card text. None of the card text printed on the card is triggered until the roll requirement is successful.
  • The target hero card of a successful Mirroryu hero effect, gains +3 for the activation roll. The roll requirement of Mirroryu is HtS-7plus.png.
  • If the Mirroryu hero's effect is successful, any hero card effect can be chosen even if used during the turn already (except Mirroryu).

Authenticity Notes

Evolution of the Card