HtS Hero Card

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HERO CARDS: Your Heroes are brave adventurers, and each Hero card has a class and an effect. You may only play Hero cards from your hand during your turn, and playing a Hero card costs one action point. Each Hero cardâ's effect has a roll requirement. In order to use a Hero card's effect, you must roll two dice and score equal to or higher than that effect's roll requirement.

When you play a Hero card from your hand into your Party, you may immediately roll two dice to use its effect. Once that Hero card is in your Party, you may use an action point to attempt to use its effect once per turn. If you unsuccessfully roll, you do not get the action point back.

There is no limit to the number of Hero cards you can have in your Party

Specific Card Rules and Information

  • When a hero card is successfully played you get one "free" activation of its ability if you chose too. Afterwards while in your party it costs an action point to activate each time.

Hero Cards