Nefarious Neighbor Expansion General Player Rules

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RUNES & REGULATIONS: NEFARIOUS NEIGHBOR EXPANSION allows you to play RUNES & REGULATIONS with up to 8 players! With a new evil warlock in the neighborhood, things are about to take a dark turn. Not only are there new Creatures, Spells, and Runes, but there are also new Role cards that give different players a new secret goal. With Corrupted Beasts and forbidden magic in play, you'll have to keep a sharp eye on your neighbors to stay ahead!

The Components

  • 1 Forbidden Deck (including 8 Sacrificial Creature cards, 15 Corrupted Beast cards, and 17 Curse cards).
  • 1 Forbidden Rune Deck (including 10 Forbidden Rune cards)
  • 3 Standard Reference Cards
  • 1 Nefarious Neighbor Reference Card
  • 10 Role Cards
  • 3 Fences
  • 1 Nefarious Fence
  • 15 Additional Shrub Tokens
  • 11 Additional Creature Cards
  • 9 Additional Spell Cards
  • 20 Additional Rune Cards

The Setup

Start by taking the Nefarious Neighbor Role card out of the box. Shuffle the remaining Role cards face down, then take the number of those cards equal to the number of players minus one and leave the rest of the Role cards in the box. It is important that you keep the Role cards that won't be used face down in the box: No player should know which roles are included in the game!

Add the Nefarious Neighbor Role card to the ones you kept out of the box, give them one more shuffle, then deal a Role card to each player. The player who receives the Nefarious Neighbor card must declare it and flip it face up; everyone else keeps their card face down and their role secret.

Hand the Nefarious Fence to the Nefarious Neighbor and a regular Fence to each other player. The player who has the Nefarious Neighbor Role card must shuffle the Forbidden deck and draw 5 cards, then shuffle the Forbidden Rune deck and add the top 3 cards to their Fence. Place those two decks in the Nefarious Neighbor's play area.

Add the grey-backed cards from the expansion to the Main deck and the orange-backed cards to the Rune deck. Shuffle the Main deck and deal 5 cards to each player to add to their hand, then shuffle the Rune deck and deal 3 Rune cards to each player to add to their Fence. Finally, shuffle the Regulation deck and flip over the top card, which becomes the first active Regulation.

The player to the left of the Nefarious Neighbor goes first. Play proceeds clockwise.

NN Setup4.png

The Roles

See Nefarious Neighbor Roles

The Nefarious Cards

The Nefarious Neighbor uses four types of cards that are new in this expansion. The first three types of cards com[rise the Forbidden deck, while the Forbidden Rune cards make up the Forbidden Rune deck.

NN-Icon-Curse.png CURSE CARDS: These are similar to Spell cards, except spookier and more evil. The Nefarious Neighbor may CAST a Curse during their Cast phase. Like Spell cards, Curse cards have an immediate, one-time-use effect. To use a Curse, the Nefarious Neighbor must read its effect aloud, then move it to the Forbidden discard pile.
NN-Icon-Corrupt.png CORRUPTED BEAST CARDS: These cards contain dark magic that allow the Nefarious Neighbor to transform a Creature on their Lawn into a horrifying Corrupted Beast. The Nefarious Neighbor can SUMMON a Corrupted Beast onto their Lawn during their Summon phase. Each Corrupted Beast has a Summoning Cost, which requires the Nefarious Neighbor to SACRIFICE Creatures or discard cards. Corrupted Beasts cannot be destroyed, hexed, stolen, or returned to the Nefarious Neighbor's hand, so once a Corrupted Beast is in the Nefarious Neighbor's Lawn, it is there to stay.
NN-Icon-Sacrifice.png SACRIFICIAL CREATURE CARDS: These Creatures are used for the Nefarious Neighbor's dastardly corruption ritual. The Nefarious Neighbor can SUMMON a Sacrificial Creature onto their Lawn during their Summon phase. Sacrificial Creatures are considered Mythical Creatures, and they cannot be hexed or destroyed; however, they can be stolen by other players.
NN-Icon-Forbidden.png FORBIDDEN RUNE CARDS: These work much like ordinary Rune cards, except that they use dark magic too powerful and evil for an ordinary suburban sorcerer to handle. They are added from the Forbidden Rune deck to the Nefarious Neighbor's Fence. Like ordinary Runes, each Forbidden Rune stated a trigger. The Nefarious Neighbor may choose to ACTIVATE a Forbidden Rune any time its trigger occurs during the game, even if it is not their turn.

If you are the Nefarious Neighbor, always add Forbidden Rune cards to your Fence and not to your hand. If at any time you have more then 3 Forbidden Runes, you must immediately DESTROY one of them.

The Nefarious Turn

The Nefarious Neighbor's turn comprises FIVE sinister phases:

1) BEGINNING OF TURN PHASE If any Corrupted Beast on your Lawn has a trigger that states " on your Lawn at the beginning of your turn", you may use that effect during this turn phase.

2) DRAW PHASE DRAW a card from the Forbidden deck.

3) CAST PHASE CAST a Curse from your hand -OR- DRAW a card from the Forbidden deck.

4) SUMMON PHASE SUMMON a Sacrificial Creature or Corrupted Beast from your hand -OR- DRAW a card from the Forbidden deck

5) SPIN PHASE SPIN the Nefarious Spinner.

Forbidden Magic

The Nefarious Neighbor uses ancient dark magic that your average suburban sorcerer would never be able to harness. Because of this, no other player may ever have cards from the Forbidden deck or the Forbidden Rune deck in their hand or on their Fence.Likewise, the Nefarious Neighbor does not use modern suburban magic, so the Nefarious Neighbor may never have cards from the Main deck or the regular Rune deck in their hand or on their Fence.

An easy way to check this is to look at the colors of the of the card backs.

  • The Nefarious Neighbor can only hold cards with a purple back, and other players can only hold cards with a dark gray back.
  • The Nefarious Neighbor can only add Forbidden Runes with a black back to their Fence, and other players can only add Runes with an orange back to their Fence.

REMEMBER: If a Mythical Creature on The Nefarious Neighbor's Lawn would be hexed or returned to their hand, DESTROY it instead. Additionally, if a player would STEAL a Forbidden Rune, DESTROY it instead.

For example, if you SUMMON a Sneaky Griffin and try to STEAL a Forbidden Rune, that Forbidden Rune does not go to your Fence; instead, it is destroyed. Similarly, if the Nefarious Neighbor STEALS a Mythical Creature and then another player tries to RETURN that Creature to the Nefarious Neighbor's hand, the stolen Creature is destroyed instead.

A Note On Discard Piles

Even though the Nefarious Neighbor has their own discard piles, they don't always discard to those discard piles. Where you discard a card depends on which deck it came from, not which player is discarding it.

  • Mythical Creatures and Spells (grey-backed cards) always
  • Sacrificial Creatures and Curses (purple-backed cards) always go to the Forbidden discard pile.
  • Runes (orange-backed cards) always go to the Rune discard pile.
  • Forbidden Runes (black-backed cards) always go to the Forbidden Rune discard pile.

Nefarious Mastery

If you and your sorcerer friends would like to take on an even greater challenge, try NEFARIOUS MASTERY MODE by using the following rule:


Just remember: No mixing decks. It's forbidden!