UU - Magical Kittencorn

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Image: Vinyl Exclusive
Type: Magical Unicorn Card
Special Info: Foil Card

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Specific Card Rules and Information

This card has no requirement preventing the playing of this card.
The card must be placed into a stable during the resolution of the card.
2nd Edition changes how this can be played OR the effect(s) caused during gameplay. Cannot be destroyed by Magic Cards only.

Vinyl of this Card & Card Photo


Localizations of this Card

UU-Base-023-2EItal.png Italian 2nd Edition
Miciocorno Magico
Carta Unicorno Magico
Questa carta può essere distrutta dalle carte Magia.
UU-Base-023-2P-Polish.png Polish 2nd Print
Magiczny Kiciorożec
Karta Magicznego Jednorożca
Ta karta nie noże zostać zniszczona ani poddana efektom żadnej karty magii.
UU-Base-023-Hungarian.png Hungarian 2nd Edition
Varázslatos Cicakornis
Mágikus Unikornis
Ezt a kártyát nem lehet Varázslat kártyákkal elpusztítani.
UU-Base-023-RO.png Romanian 2nd Edition
Pisicornul Magic
Carte Unicorn Epic
Această carte nu poate fi distrusă cu cărțile Magie.

Evolution of this Card