UU - Extremely Destructive Unicorn

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Specific Card Rules and Information

This card has no requirement preventing the playing of this card.
The card must be placed into a stable during the resolution of the card.
Extremely Destructive Unicorn must be sacrificed if placed into a Stable without any other unicorn cards. It is a unicorn card in your stable to trigger it's enter effect.

Localizations of this Card

UU-Base-028-2EItal.png Italian 2nd Edition
Unicorno Super Distruttivo
Carta Unicorno Magico
Quando questa carta entra nella tua Stalla, ogni giocatore (incluso te stesso) deve SACRIFICARE 1 carta Unicorno.
UU-Base-028-2P-Polish.png Polish 2nd Print
Jednorożec Totalnej Destrukcji
Karta Magicznego Jednorożca
Gdy ta karta trafi do Twojej stajni, wszyscy gracze muszą POSWIĘCIĆ po 1 karcie jednorożca.
UU-Base-028-Hungarian.png Hungarian 2nd Edition
Extrémen Destruktív Unikornis
Mágikus Unikornis
Amikor ez a kártya bekerül a Karámodba, mindeb játékos - veled együtt - kötelezően FELÁLDOZ egy Unikornis kártyát.

Evolution of this Card