CS Game Terminology - Frozen

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The Ice Storm Expansion introduces 2 Status Effects: Freeze CS-Freeze.png and Stun CS-Stunn.png. Freeze stops you from traveling to another Hex tile, and Stun limits the number of Resource dice you can roll. You can only be affected by 1 Freeze token and 1 Stun token at a time. This expansion includes 10 double-sided Status tokens, with 1 side representing the Freeze Status Effect and the other side representing the Stun Status Effect.

CS-Freeze.png Freeze Token

If you start your turn with a Freeze token on your Player Board, you are Frozen and cannot Travel during your turn. If another player Freezes you during your turn, you cannot spend any of your remaining Action points to Travel. If you started your turn Frozen, remove the Freeze token from your Player Board at the end of your turn.

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