UU - Change of Luck

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Deck: Base Deck
Edition: 2nd Edition
Type: Magic Card
Status: Available

Card Texts

Card Releases

Specific Card Rules and Information

  • The 2nd print changes how this can be played OR the effect(s) caused during gameplay from the original text release.
    • Original Text card can be played with no cards in hand, then draw two effect, discard them effect and take another turn effect.
    • Second Print/2nd Edition card has a requirement. If you can't perform the first action listed on a card, which is a requirement you cannot play the card.
  • The effect "take another turn", the turn is taken after all phases of the current turn are completed. This additional turn is another normal player turn, just taken after the other in a row.
  • The "AND" is used for more a permissive "do these things in any order".

The infinite/finite turn combo

In early 2018 the "Change of luck + Magical Flying Unicorn" combination came into discussion with many different variants with those two cards at its core with Double Dutch.

  • Change of luck was quickly ruled upon to convey the legitimacy of the gameplay. (February 2018)
    • The Orignal text as written has no requirement preventing the card from being played or any text that prevented the resolution of any of the card text, simply you drew two cards, discarded 3 (or less) cards, and took another turn.
  • July 2018 The second print text released restricted the effectiveness of the combo by imposing the draw two cards AND discard 3 cards to then take another turn.
    • Change of luck is prevented from being played if you do not have 3 cards in your hand when you would announce it played, also upon resolution if you no longer had 3 cards to discard then the requirement is unfulfilled so you would not get the take another turn benefit.

The first confirmed use in a game was in February 2019 by Jose Luis Esquivel.




  • Sadistic Ritual- Beginning of turn phase sacrifice that draws more cards.
  • Yay- card is highly valuable to prevent interruptions to the combination.
  • Parallel Universicorn- prevents discard loss by drawing cards instead, this overcomes the new text discard requirement.(released March 2019)
  • Caffeine Overload- Beginning of turn phase sacrifice that draws more cards. (Released November 2019)

This combo will allow a player to draw cards until they have a hand limit of cards they think they can win with after they stop the combo. This combo will not win you the game, you still need to have the required unicorns in the stable to win. Drawing as many cards as you like is not a winning condition. Drawing cards diminishes the draw deck, when empty the game ends; a player would need to stop the combo to win prior to the draw deck being depleted.

Authenticity Notes

Localizations of this Card

UU-Base-053-2EItal.png Italian 2nd Edition
Colpo Di Fortuna
Carta Magia
Prendi 2 carte e SCARTA 3 carte, poi svolgi un altro turno.
UU-Base-053-2P-Polish.png Polish 2nd Print
Koło Fortuny
Karta Magii
DOBIERZ 2 karty i ODRZUĆ 3 karty, a następnie zagraj jeszcze 1 turę.
UU-Base-053-Hungarian.png Hungarian 2nd Edition
A Szerencse Forgandósága
HÚZZ 2 kártyát, DOBJ EL 3-at, majd játssz le még egy kört.
UU-Base-053-RO.png Romanian 2nd Edition
Loz În Corn
Carte Magie
TRAGE 2 cărți și DECARTEAZĂ 3. Apoi joacă încă o tură.
UU-Base-053-FR.png French 2nd Edition
La Chance Tourne
Carte Magie
PIOCHEZ 2 cartes et DÉFAUSSEZ 3 cartes, puis effectuez un autre tour.
UU-Base-053-Dut.png Dutch 2nd Edition
Magisch Effect
TREK 2 kaarten en LEG 3 kaarten AF. Speel daarna een nieuwe beurt.
UU-Base-053-SP.png Spanish 2nd Edition
Golpe De Suerte
Carta da Magia
ROBA 2 cartas y DESCARTA 3 cartas para, a continuación, jugar otro turno.
UU-Base-053-CZ.png Czech 2nd Edition
Štěstí Naproti
DOBER si 2 karty a ODHOĎ 3 karty. Poté odehraj další tah.
UU-Base-053-DE.png German 2nd Edition
Glück Im Unglück
ZIEHE 2 Karten und WIRF 3 Karten ab, dann hast du noch einen Zug.

Evolution of this Card