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There are 5 types of cards in the game.

  • Instant cards can be played any time any other player plays a card (unless otherwise stated). If an Instant card is played in response to a card you played, you may respond with an Instant card of your own (even though you already played a card this turn). Any number of Instant cards can be chained during a single turn.
  • Upgrade cards grant positive effects. You can play an Upgrade card in any player’s Field. An Upgrade card in your Field affects only your Field (unless otherwise stated).
  • Downgrade cards impose negative effects. You can play a Downgrade card in any player’s Field. A Downgrade card in your Field affects only your Field (unless otherwise stated).
  • Magic cards have one-time effects. When you play a Magic card, it immediately takes effect and is then discarded.
  • Animal Cards You can play a Animal card in any player’s Field. There are 4 sub-types of Animal cards:
    • Baby Animal Cards are Animals that only enter a Field from the Nursery. They are never added to the deck, a player’s hand, or the discard pile.
    • Basic Animal Cards are Animals. They don’t have any effects, but they might have a special place in your heart.
    • Magical Animal Cards are Animals that have effects. Some have triggered effects, while others have continuous effects.
  • Some cards specify that they can’t be "affected" by certain things. Cards can be "affected" directly or indirectly. Direct effects target a card individually or as part of a group. Indirect effects require a player to target a card or perform an action that affects a card. If a card states "this card cannot be affected," it is immune to both direct and indirect effects.
  • "Play" specifically refers to playing a card from your hand during your Action phase or playing an Instant card at any time.
  • If you Bring a card directly into your Field," you do not "play" that card. This means that any card that is brought directly into your Field cannot be stopped.
  • Some card effects allow you to search the deck or the discard pile for a card. Once you have retrieved that card, you must reveal the card you chose to each other player before adding it to your hand.
  • All cards are by definition a singular "Card". Effects are NOT cards.
  • When a card is resolved The player may choose any Field to place a Animal, Upgrade or Downgrade CARD.
  • An Instant card is played targeting another card, they do not target players.
  • When a Magic card resolves The player resolves all effects listed in order on the CARD.

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