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The Draw Phase is the 2nd Phase of a Players turn.


DRAW 1 card from the deck.

Specific Rules and Information

A Phase is not completed until all effects have been resolved, then gameplay continues to the next phase, unless a game winning condition is achieved by the player and the game ends.

If you move to your Draw phase (from Beginning of Turn Phase) without triggering an optional triggered effect, you can no longer trigger that effect this turn.

If a triggered draw effect occurs in the Beginning of Turn Phase that effect is added to the Draw phase. If the Draw Phase is skipped or the mandatory draw of the phase is not taken, you do not draw the "extra" card. (A card must be drawn to have an extra card draw.)

Effects may cause phases to be skipped during a turn. It is possible that the same phase can be skipped multiple times due to multiple effects in the turn. (4/3/2019) Reddit @SOmeOneSP3C1AL

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