LU Game Terminology - Winning

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The End of the Game

The first person to successfully collect the required number of Animals in their Field wins! Each Animal card counts for one Animal (unless otherwise stated.)

  • 2-5 Players: 7 Animals to win. (If you are playing with 2 players, make sure to read the 2-player Rules section.)
  • 6-8 Players: 6 Animals to win.

If the deck runs out of cards before any player reaches a winning number of Animals in their Field, the player with the most Animals wins.

If two or more players tie for the most Animals in their Field, each tied player must add up the number of letters in the names of all the Animal cards in their Field. The player with the most letters wins.

If two or more players tie for the most Animals and the most letters, everyone loses. Ouch.

Winning Condition

A game winning condition is determined when the number of unicorns is achieved and no effects remain to resolve.

This is the similar condition that you are able to progress to next phase of the turn, so you could use the statement;

"You win at end of phase".

This is so no player could win instantly when they got the number of unicorns required.

Gameplay Terminology