Casting Shadows

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About This Game Deck

Explore a dark, enchanting world and battle your opponents in this 2-4 player turn-based competitive strategic board game. Throughout the game, you'll collect resources, learn new spells, summon a companion, and - if you're lucky - unlock your Shadow Form, all in the quest to become the ultimate Shadow Caster. The last player standing after this supernatural showdown wins the game!

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Base Deck

Base Deck (2-4 Players)


The Ice Storm Expansion
The Molten Rock Expansion
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Gameplay FAQ

Q: The Crystal Crypt is confusing how does it work
A: The Crystal Crypt tile prevents the player on it from reducing incoming DMG by any means. For example, if Player A were to deal 3 DMG to Player B, and Player B had the Pointed Shield Counterspell card, they could play that card to reduce the incoming DMG from 3 to 1. However, if Player B was standing on the Crystal Crypt. Player B's Pointed Shield would have no effect when played - Player B would take the full 3 DMG whether they play their Counterspell card or not.

Tile shortcut should read

+CS-PurpGem.png, NO DMG REDUCED.

Usermade Updated Hex Reference (by Matt Weist) [See Image]

Q: Any suggestions how to remember the tile actions without the reference chart.
A: While there is no official response to this outside having a good memory, Matt Weist has created this template for printing stickers on a Cricut to adhere to the tiles [See Image]

Q: Any info from the creator regarding the "scarcity of resource tokens" issue that backers have been commenting on?
A: This shouldn't be an issue, the most common note that people are mentioning are 2 things...

1) people are using the tokens as their main resources (roll then take whats on the dice in tokens) these tokens were meant for using to represent SPELLS that have been used to supplement the resource pool

2) People holding onto the resources after their turn ends. This is not how resources are used. Once your turn ends, your resource pool empties completely and all tiles/dice are returned to their respective locations.

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