UU - Horny Flying Unicorn

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Deck: NSFW Base Deck
Edition: 2nd Edition
Type: Magical Unicorn Card
Status: Available

Card Texts

Card Releases

Specific Card Rules and Information

  • This card has no requirement effect text that prevents playing the card.
  • "Flyers" refers to Magical Unicorn cards that have the word "Flying" in the card title and contain the effect text; "If this card would be sacrificed or destroyed, return it to your hand instead."
  • The card must be targeted and resolve a successful sacrifice or destroy effect to return the card to the player's Hand (instead). The card would not be placed into the discard pile from these effects.
    • If a Unicorn Net targets the sacrifice or destroy effect targeting a Flyer and successfully resolves the Flyer effect will not trigger. The Flyer is no longer in a stable, it was neither destroyed or sacrificed.

Authenticity Notes

Localizations of this Card

UU-NSFW-011-2P-Polish.png Polish 2nd Print
Napalony Latający Jednorożec
Karta Magicznego Jednorożca
Gdy ta karta trafi do Twojej stajni, UKRADNIJ dowolną kartę jednorożca. Na koniec swojej tury zwróć kartę jednorożca do stajni, z której ją ukradłes. Jeśli Napalony Latający Jednorożec powinien zostać poświęcony albo zniszczony, weź go na rękę.

Evolution of this Card