UU - Unicorn Lasso

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Specific Card Rules and Information

  • This card has no requirement effect text that prevents playing the card.
  • Identical effect to No Strings Attached
  • The Stolen Unicorn will return if it is in your Stable until the End of Turn Phase and the return effect trigger will move it back to it's original Stable.
    • The upgrade cards "return effect" is only triggered - At the end of the turn phase.
    • It is not an active link in a chain that would prevent you from continuing to the draw phase nor does it prevent you from a win condition prior to the end of turn phase.
  • The Stolen Unicorn will NOT return;
    • if it is no longer in the Stable with Unicorn Lasso for the return effect to trigger.
    • If Unicorn Lasso is no longer in stable to trigger return effect.
    • If Masquerade effect is in that stable.
    • If the unicorn card somehow leaves stable and enters a stable again (treat it like it's a "new" card).
    • If it's in the card deck.
    • If it's in a players hand.
    • If it's in the discard pile.
    • If it's removed from game.

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Authenticity Notes

Localizations of this Card

UU-Base-070-2P-Polish.png Polish 2nd Print
Lasso Na Jednorożce
Karta Ulepszenia
Jeśli ta karta znajduje się w Twojej stajni na początku Twojej tury, możesz UKRAŚĆ dowolną kartę jednorożca. Na koniec swojej tury zwróć kartę jednorożca do stajni, z której ją ukradłeś.

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