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There are 7 cards defined as "Seven Sacker" cards, All cards contain the effect text;

"SACRIFICE all of your Unicorn cards, then DESTROY a Unicorn card in each other player's Stable.'"

  • If a requirement requires sacrificing all of a card type, you must have at least one card of that type in your stable when playing the card (to meet the requirement). A card in the stable that is immune to sacrifice effects will prevent the card from being played (you cannot meet the requirement).

All seven cards were first released in the 2017 Kickstarter Apocalypse Expansion and then paired with Rainbow Sprinkles to retail as the Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion.

UU-Apoc-014-02.png UU-Apoc-017-02.png UU-Apoc-019-02.png UU-Apoc-013-02.png UU-Apoc-016-02.png UU-Apoc-018-02.png UU-Apoc-020-02.png

Specific Card Rules and Information

INTERACTION: Impossible Action:If you have a card in your hand that requires you to perform an impossible action, you may not play it. Sometimes, however, the effect of a card in your Stable or a card played by any other player may require you to perform an impossible action. If this situation occurs, disregard that action. Some impossible actions include:

RESULT: A Seven Sacker Can NOT be played if a unicorn card would remain in your Stable after resolution.

INTERACTION: UU Game Terminology - Masquerade:"All of your Unicorns are considered "Masquerader". Cards that affect Unicorn cards do not affect your "Masquerader"."

RESULT: Seven Sacker can NOT be played as any unicorn card in Stable are unaffected (Immunity).

When resolving the deck search for the Unicorn card instructed to bring into stable, you may fail to find a card. You lose this effect if the card is not found.

Gameplay Terminology